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Business Development
Portrait photo of Joachim Muschalle

Joachim Muschalle

Business Development

mobile: +49 (0)174 331 35 48

Portrait photo of Jasmine Schikora

Jasmine Schikora

Business Development

tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-16

Portrait photo of Bianca Bellgardt

Bianca Bellgardt


tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-15

Portrait photo of Momme von Mannstein

Momme von Mannstein


tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-22

Lorenz Pfundt


tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-116

Portrait photo of Lorenz Pfundt
Customer Service

Niklas Beuter

Customer Service

tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-614

Portrait photo of Niklas Beuter

Dennis Brendel

Customer Service

tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-108

Portrait photo of Dennis Brendel
Portrait photo of Charlott Lohmann

Charlott Lohmann

Head of Customer Service

tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-112

Anna Jana Vietmeyer

Anna Jana Vietmeyer

Customer Service

tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-618


Carsten Campe

Managing Director

tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-14

Portrait photo of Carsten Campe

Carsten Eilers

Managing Director

tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-29

Portrait photo of Carsten Eilers
Portrait photo of Christian Schaab

Christian Schaab

Managing Director

tel: +49 (0)5533 408 67-0

Location Hehlen – Headquarters

Mastenweg 1
37619 Hehlen

Phone: +49 (0)5533 40867-0
Fax: +49 (0)5533 40867-17

Location Zeltingen-Rachtig

Niederflurstraße 13
54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig

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