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250 employees at two locations: PSL has grown rapidly in recent years. We owe this above all to the perseverance and motivation of our employees.

Together we conquer new markets, further develop proven decoration processes and contribute our extensive know-how at all levels.

We are convinced of glass as the most sustainable and at the same time most beautiful packaging material. For our employees, this means an exciting working environment in the midst of strategic change and the opportunity to continue their education and keep up with the times.

As well, we keep up with the times when it comes to the working environment of the 21st century. We are continuously dealing with the requirements of a modern working world, developing new measures to promote innovation and employee satisfaction. Of course we have an open ear for suggestions for improvement.

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Why PSL?


A secure job with good prospects for the future awaits you here.


Great people who use their creative nature and passion for great results.


A family-run company where trust and reliability play a major role.

Interviews with employees

That's what the employees say

Interview by Charlott Deichmann

When did you start at PSL?

I started my training as an industrial clerk at PSL on August 1st, 2012. At that time the team was still very small and it is great to see how new employees and new ideas have found their way into the company year after year.

Describe your time at PSL – what were or are your tasks/stations?

I was involved in the entire process even during my training as an industrial clerk. It was clear to me from the start that I would like to continue working in the sales department after my apprenticeship. After some time working in the back office of Mr. Campe, our sales manager and now also managing director, I was given the opportunity to take over my own customer base and look after customers on my own responsibility. From the creation of the sample, through the procurement of the raw glass, the entire decoration process, to the delivery of the finished goods - the tasks were always varied, demanding and never boring. No day was like the other and that is what makes the job at PSL so special.

When the sales department was restructured at the end of 2021 and the position of "Sales Manager" was newly created, I was very proud to be able to fill this position in order to make day-to-day business effective and as quiet as possible together with my team.

I have held this position since January 1st, 2022 and am growing every day with my tasks. In addition to personal coaching, PSL offers me the opportunity to take part in a 1-year leaderhip development seminar to learn the basics of successful leadership and to optimally lead the team.

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Which of your personal skills can you bring to PSL?

I see organisation as one of my great strengths. This feature is almost essential to satisfy the different customers with their different needs. Handling the support of several customers with decorations running in parallel - sometimes recurring, sometimes a one-off action - often requires great sensitivity and sometimes strong nerves. ;)

What have you learned during your time at PSL?

During my time at PSL I have learned that you can achieve a lot in life if you love what you do. I think there is nothing better than being able to say that you enjoy going to work because this is where we spend most of our time. Of course there were always moments when not everything was rosy, but in the end I can say that my path at PSL has shaped me into a very self-confident person who represents my opinion and can assert myself in a very male-dominated industry.

What was your biggest moment of success at PSL?

Ever since I started working at PSL, it's been an uphill journey for me so I can't single out a particular moment. There were many moments that were successful and the little moments are often the special ones.

I am very proud that I have a great business relationship with many of our customers, which makes everyday work easier and more pleasant.

Why would you recommend PSL to your friends and acquaintances as an employer? / What makes working at PSL special for you?

There are no monotonous, boring work processes at PSL. The work is varied and no day is like the other.

We are a great young team that sticks together and the collegial relationship among many colleagues is friendly.

Portrait of Charlott Deichmann

Interview by Dennis Garnett

When did you start at PSL?

I started at PSL on July 15, 2012 as a temporary worker and was quickly taken on as a permanent employee. After I had meanwhile decided on another employer in 2018, I returned to PSL on November 1st, 2021.

Describe your time at PSL – what were or are your tasks/stations?

My start at PSL was as a forklift driver. I was then appointed warehouse manager and given responsibility for inventory control and the timely provision of goods for production orders. Overall, everything has always worked very well and so I was promoted to logistics manager for PSL on November 1st, 2021.

Which of your personal skills can you bring to PSL?

I have good organisational skills, which helps me to keep track of the large warehouse and the many orders. I know my way around warehousing and logistics, this is my strength. Added to this is the ability to respond to people and to create a communicative basis.

What have you learned during your time at PSL?

My assertiveness has improved through mastering various challenging situations. I was able to expand my skills in employee management and also get a trainer's certificate. This year I will start a two-year training course to become a logistics manager. I will continue to train as a health and safety officer.

What was your biggest moment of success at PSL?

In February 2016, the first million-euro order with 1.3 million bottles had to be processed. Despite adverse circumstances such as illness, lack of space and bad weather, everything was delivered to the customer on time. That was a really good feeling.

Why would you recommend PSL to your friends and acquaintances as an employer? / What makes working at PSL special for you?

There is a family atmosphere and good, collegial interaction. You support each other and help each other.

Portrait of Dennis Garnett

Interview by Sascha Grumme

When did you start at PSL?

My start at PSL was on January 1st, 2018. Before that, I had already worked for other companies in the region that dealt with the topic of printing in the broadest sense.

Describe your time at PSL – what were or are your tasks/stations?

Various decoration technologies are used at PSL. I started in screen printing as a trainee. After six months I became an operator, i.e. I was responsible for smooth production. Later I got an introduction to the fitter. This enabled me to set up the system for new articles and to adjust all parameters on the system control accordingly. Since September 1st, 2022 I have been shift manager in the screen printing area.

Which of your personal skills can you bring to PSL?

I have a good technical understanding and am quite a perfectionist and persistent when it comes to the optimal adjustment of the machine. Furthermore, I am very resilient and also flexible.

What have you learned during your time at PSL?

I was able to deal in detail with the technology of the screen printing machines for bottle decoration. I have also strengthened my interpersonal communication skills.

What was your biggest moment of success at PSL?

In my private life, I work intensively with 3D printers. I was able to produce a complicated special shape for the tool holder on the printing machine at home on my 3D printer. These parts were otherwise always procured externally for a fairly high budget.

There was another very nice, personal moment: I met my wife at PSL.

Why would you recommend PSL to your friends and acquaintances as an employer? / What makes working at PSL special for you?

For me, working here means an exciting professional challenge with an interesting, innovative technology in the fast-growing segment of glass decoration. I am also fascinated by the absolutely modern machinery.

Portrait of Sascha Grumme
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  • Holiday entitlement & special leave beyond the statutory regulations
  • Corporate benefits and e-bike leasing
  • Corporate benefits
  • Employer loans & Christmas bonus
  • VL allowances (state-aided pension regulation)
  • Employer-funded pension
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  • Professional training & career planning
  • Internal German lessons for colleagues with migration background
  • In-house language courses
  • Apprentice support programs & internships abroad for European clerk students
  • First aid training & forklift courses
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  • Optimally reconcile family and career
  • Various working time models, home office & hybrid jobs
  • Office dogs allowed (by arrangement)
  • Project and task-related work
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  • Ergonomic workplaces & internal re-entry management
  • Company celebrations & open house days
  • Free coffee, tea & water
  • Fruit baskets for all employees


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