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Product Development

Together we will find the decoration that suits your product. Simply present your idea to us and our employees will work out a solution that meets your expectations.

At our locations we can offer you pre-press as well as screen production and colour mixing. This allows us to react flexibly and at short notice to your request. We create individual mock-ups, produce pilot series according to your specifications and arrange the print approval. Get an overview of our services or simply contact us directly if you have any questions.

Get an overview of our services or contact us us directly if you have any questions.

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Our services


Join us on the journey to the best decoration methods for your product. We put the latest technologies to inspire your customers.


Our high-quality coating gives glass bottles a special look and feel. Thanks to the thin application of paint, the glass character is retained and embossings are still visible. The excellent durability of our coatings ensures that the bottles reach the consumer in excellent condition.

With our specially developed colour system, we can produce almost all colours and a wide variety of effects: transparent or covering (opaque), matt or glossy, matting, satining, rust effect and several colours on one bottle as well as a partial coating. Special colours such as metallic tones or coatings that protect the contents from UV radiation or visible light are also possible.

We have constantly further developed our coating process in order to optimise it and at the same time protect the environment - it is physiologically harmless, contains no heavy metals and emits no solvents.

Finishing processes using Sears as an example
Refining processes using the example of white bronze
Refining processes using Coppa Cocktails as an example


The reflective surface of metalised bottles shines on the shelf and encourages customers to buy. Metallisation is particularly popular with premium brands, special editions or the duty-free area.

The range of colours ranges from the traditional gold and silver to the eye-catching green or purple - both glossy and matte. The metallisation can be applied over the entire surface or in a colour gradient.

Refining processes using the example of JP. Chenet
Refining processes using the example of Pierland
Refining processes using the example of Three Sixty

Screen printing

Screen printing opens up completely new design possibilities for you: With the help of the latest CNC technology, not only can waisted and conical areas be integrated into the design, but oval or square bottles can also be printed.

We can realise even the most demanding designs: Bright and shiny colours, high opacity and photo-realistic halftone printing are our daily business. Using in-house colour mixing, we can realise your individual colour requirements (e.g. Pantone). Our machines can print up to seven colours.

We monitor the production with cameras and align the bottles so that they can be seen during printing. We then check the print result via the camera. In this way, we can guarantee flawless production at all times.

Refining processes using the example of Panda gin
Refining processes using the example of Ricardino
Refining processes using the example of Ron Johan rum

Digital printing

Digital printing is the latest printing technology for glass bottles and offers several advantages:

  • Personalisation
  • Photorealistic designs
  • Printing of embossings/debossings
  • Printing of complex shapes (e.g. 360-degree printing on rectangular bottles)

The colours are bright and have excellent durability. With the digital printing process, you can let your creativity run free and design your products individually.

Refining processes using the example of Colore
Refining processes using the example of Deinhard
Refining processes using the example of Mapme Pride Vodka

Foil stamping

Foil stamping is particularly suitable for sophisticated and elegant designs - whether large prints or filigree details. Foil stamping can be done on both clear glass and coated bottles. Thanks to our latest technology, we can print up to three different metallic tones at the same time to make your design a reality. Combined with screen printing, it opens up a multitude of design options for your product.

Refining processes using the example of Kraken
Refining processes using the example of Lakrids by Bülow
Refining processes using the example of Traiser Dry Gin


Enhancing a bottle with a sleeve allows you to use the entire surface for the design. There are no limits to your creativity: We provide you with all the printing processes and foil materials for the realisation of your idea. Both empty and filled bottles can be sleeved on our lines.
A tax warehouse for beer, wine and spirits is available.
We are happy to offer you our complete range of services: from project management, including design creation, to material selection and procurement of the sleeve.

Refining processes using the example of Berenzten Raspberry
Refining processes using the example of Copper Head
Refining processes using the example of Peachtree

No Label Look

The application of self-adhesive labels offers a cost-efficient finishing option. Outsourcing labeling reduces downtime during filling and saves you investing in new format parts. Bottles that have already been labeled before filling can be useful, especially for promotions, complex shapes or smaller quantities. Thanks to the precise camera alignment, we can position up to three labels to existing embossings.

Refining processes using the example of Pepsi
Refining processes using the example of Cool up
Refining processes using the example of Tuborg Christmas Brew

The scrutinising look

Quality assurance

PSL relies on strict quality management based on the HACCP concept. Our quality assurance continuously checks all process steps: from goods receipt through production to loading. The mapping of the entire flow of goods in our merchandise management system ensures the traceability of all materials.

Our actions are characterised by the continuous striving for improvement. Constant questioning of the status quo and regular training of our employees are a matter of course for us.

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We would be happy to deliver the finished bottles directly to your bottling by forwarding agent.

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Our services


We take care of the logistics for you: from operational call-offs to the procurement of bottles, sleeves and labels. We would be happy to deliver the finished bottles to you directly for bottling by a forwarding agent. Our merchandise management system with EDI ensures simultaneous electronic processing. We also make our tax warehouse available to you for bottles of beer, wine or spirits that have already been filled.


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Our team is always at your disposal personally. For general inquiries, please use our contact form. We look forward to you!