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Naturally Glass


Glass is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials. This is mainly because it can be recycled indefinitely without sacrificing quality. The use of recycled glass not only saves raw materials, but also energy. Returnable bottles, for example, can be reused up to 50 times before they end up in the waste glass.


Glass consists mostly of quartz sand and lime, which gives the glass its durability. These raw materials are sufficiently available in nature and are even mined directly in Germany and Europe. Thanks to modern lightweight glass technology, fewer raw materials are used and the CO₂ footprint is reduced thanks to easier transport. In addition, the majority of glass production takes place close to the fillers - this protects the environment.


Glass as a packaging material conveys security: it does not form any connection with its contents and at the same time protects them from external influences. It keeps the contents fresh and even makes it possible to preserve food over the long term by boiling, pickling or canning. Glass therefore enjoys a high level of trust – especially as food packaging. According to a Europe-wide survey by "InSite Consulting", 60 percent of those surveyed prefer glass as packaging material.

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Paints and varnishes

We only print with organic UV inks. These inks cure under UV light and do not require energy-intensive enamelling ovens. In contrast to ceramic, solvent-based paints, they do not contain any heavy metals such as lead or cadmium. Through the consistent use of organic colours, we conserve resources and thus the environment.

Monitoring of the carbon footprint

In addition to investing in sustainable decoration technologies, we also keep an eye on renewable energies: PSL regularly carries out analyses of the CO₂ footprint. This enables us to make our company even more environmentally friendly. This includes, among other things, the use of electric forklifts and LED lighting, energy-efficient construction according to the KfW standard, the optimisation of transport routes and logistics and much more.

No emissions

Our coating process, which has been perfected over many years, does not emit any solvents or other harmful substances. This is a closed system, the so-called "closed cycle finishing". Paint residues (overspray) are collected and supplied to other industries as raw materials. There is no waste in our process; Conservation of resources is paramount.

Photovoltaic system

A decentralised, regenerative power supply is the way to a sustainable future. For this reason, our two locations on the Weser and Moselle are equipped with large-scale photovoltaic modules. Around 1,500 tons of CO₂ have already been saved since commissioning.

View of the PSL photovoltaic system
View of an e-charging station

Sustainable mobility

Electromobility is an important building block for sustainability. Electric motors have a significantly higher degree of efficiency than combustion engines and e-bikes make many short car journeys superfluous. That's why we offer our employees charging stations for e-cars and e-bike leasing.

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